September 29, 2011

The smell of books and new dishes

Tonight made new dish as published in Sobey's recipe magazine - sweet potato rice pilaf, pretty fall colours and delicious spices - happy that I can have a tiny bit more for a lunch treat tomorrow... Also happy with book I picked up at my library - author Neil Pasricha talks about little things to be grateful for such as bakery air, and the smell of books - Awesome!

September 22, 2011

New Life!

What is it about tiny fresh flowers and tiny baby fingers that can grab at your heart strings? The flowers just came up in my back garden patch - and I sure wish I could smell those precious fingers of my beautiful new niece Sabrina who was born last Friday on the other side of the country...

September 13, 2011

New foods to try out!

As we have a tiny chokeberry bush growing in front of our 'workshop', I wanted to see if you can eat the black berries - turns out, you can. They are full of anti-oxidants, however, they also contain oxalic acid. You can wash and eat the berries raw, in fruit salads or baked goods. The couscous salad was another new recipe we tried out on the weekend - nice to have a different grain. (not sure if the guys loved the tofu, however!)

September 3, 2011

Harvest Time!

Came across this quote and wanted to share:

"I did then what I knew how to do.
Now that I know better, I do better."
- Maya Angelou

August 8, 2011

How sweet is your Marshmallow?

I am quite happy with the colours of my first wild rose shrub and marshmallow plants. Yes, you heard right - Marshmallow or Althea officinalis - not the white puffy candy stuff used to roast at your campfire! You can use the leaves and roots for medicinal purposes, especially good for digestive/stomach issues.

July 25, 2011

Yummy flowers

I was fortunate enough to spend the whole day in the garden yesterday weeding, (if you can call working in 30+degrees celcius with humidity lucky) and saw plenty of beauty with butterflies enjoying the milkweed, goldenrod opening up their golden colour, and my first rosebush giving a hint of ballerina pink. My absolute favourite flower at the moment has to be the hollyhocks with colours ranging from black/maroon to salmon and pink. I don't think they will last much longer, however, as their huge stalks are starting to fall over...

June 19, 2011

Books and bugs

Inside, I'm reviewing library book titled 'Ginger and Ganesh' by Nani Power - "she takes the reader into a culture, a cuisine, and the female psyche, with recipes and stories from each chapter revealing the struggle of modern women, both American and of Indian descent". Isn't the cover photograph gorgeous? Outside, I'm noticing bug and butterfly visitors on my marshmallow, valerian, and St. John's wort plants. Now if we can only get rid of the mosquito's!